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Monthly Archive: March 2019

How To Satisfy Internal Customers For Achieving Targets

An office is a place which is only dedicated to do day to day work without any interruption and inconvenience. The whole environment is designed accordingly so that all the employees and staff members put their 100% efforts in achieving the goals of a company. At the same time, a workplace environment should be friendly so that employees would feel responsibility and sense of security. They feel that they own this workplace, if they think like this they will surely work with all honesty and dignity.

What Company Needs to do?

On the other hand, the management of a company should also think foe the convenience of the employees. They have to look into each and every need of them while staying in an office. Satisfied internal customers would love to satisfy external customers which is the main motive of all the organisation. Usually, companies focus on huge needs and forego the basic needs that employee want in the office on daily basis.

What Measures Should be Taken?

Some organisations are very good at this and they specially take care of their employees with small things so that nothing could be neglected in term of employees’ convenience.

Following are the main points that need to keep in consideration for the workers.

  • Pick and Drop Service:

It is a fact that all the employees in an organisation doesn’t own their personal transportation. The use public transportation to reach to the office. With public transportation they have to suffer a lot. They need to wake up early in the morning to catch a bus and if someday they miss the bus then they have to wait for the next bus and get late for the office which is not good for their reputation but it happens. Another drawback of using public transport is that a huge chunk of a salary deducts for transportation fees. They left with a few bucks in the end for fulfilling their basic needs. It would be appreciated if they are given pick and drop services.

  • Vending Machines:

Vending machines shall be placed on each floor of a company. The motive behind keeping the vending machine is that employees get tired while sitting in the same posture they need something different and also something to eat and drink for further motivation. If they go the café for snacking, it would waste time as café is not near. Through, vending machine they can get anything anytime.

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Benefits Of Choosing Glass Bottle Over Plastic

It is no secret that you need to be drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water per day if you are to ensure a healthy life. While most of us do manage to drink an ample amount of water but there are still a lot of people who neglect their health either due to the stress in their lives or their lack of will to do better. We at sunnypack.com.au are here to tell our audience about our functional water bottles that come with an all glass design which are perfectly suited to ensuring that you have a credible source of water wherever you go. You might be wondering why our product is being offered in glass as opposed to some other materials that are commonly available in the market, especially plastic. There are various important reasons as to why we choose to deal in glass water bottles as opposed to plastic water bottles and this article includes all such reasons.  

If you have been using a water bottle on a regular basis then it is absolutely crucial that you clean it in a proper manner. We place great stress upon the hygiene of your water bottle as various bacteria and germ elements can build up on your water bottle and such contaminate the water that gets stored in the bottle. It is very obvious that those who drink straight out of a contaminated water bottle are bound to get sick as the bacteria and germs present in the water bottle comes into contact with the person who drinks from such bottles.  

Water bottles that are made out of glass are comparatively much easier to clean as compared to water bottles that are made from plastic. These results in fewer germs and bacteria presence in glass water bottle as compared to what you can expect to find in a plastic water bottle. Hence, if you wish to maintain a healthier lifestyle then you should go ahead with the purchase of a glass water bottle and avoid water bottles that are made from plastic.  

The world is being badly impacted by pollution and the negatives resulting from dumping wastage materials into the open, including the ocean. Plastic is one of the most lethal contaminants that can be found in ocean and the material plays a significant role in the destruction that has resulted for the marine eco-system. For those who don’t know, plastic takes a lot of years to properly break down but even after that the material poses threat to the marine wildlife. Plastic is not easy to recycle which is why the material has been dumped into oceans and open fields causing significant pollution for our plant. Glass is a material that poses very limited threat to our plant’s future as the material is easily recycled which ensured that such material is not dumped into the oceans or open fields.  

If you wish to take care of your health and act more responsibly towards the environment that we live in then it is very clear that you should opt to purchase a small glass bottle and avoid all plastic water bottles.  glass-bottles